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Had you heard of The Finders?

Former FBI Director and Special Agent in Charge of L.A. and Dallas. He claimed there were child sex slave auctions in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of human sacrifices in the United States every year, 4,000 in NYC alone. Children abducted from schools and shipped to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. Satanic and Luciferian rituals.

Is this similar to what Q was saying?


Video for anyone interested. A 1 hour talk from 2005.


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TW: graphic depictions.


With all the horrific snuff and child/infant rape and beyond on the deep web, where do you draw the line between being conspiracy driven and justice driven? Did Q ever go into the deep web stuff? There have been some arrests in the past 5 years, the crimes committed are unspeakable. And the videos sell for thousands of dollars. Beyond that there were nearly 5,000 child sex offenders arrested in the UK during the pandemic alone.

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Did you ever come across any of Ted Gunderson’s talks? That’s some heavy stuff too. If so, is that close to what you fell into?