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Whisper the letter “Q” and hold the “ewwww” at the end, then push a little more air through. You’ll whistle in no time!

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As someone who also learned to whistle after most everyone else they knew, I wanted to come up with a way to describe it to someone so they could learn. I hope it helps!!

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I’ve followed you on Twitter for years and love your presence on my TL. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your humor so publicly. Is it tiring being so internet-famous? Do you get bothered (or eventually ever become unbothered) by strangers telling you you’re attractive, how great your eyebrows are, how pristine your toes look, etc.? I really do wonder about the double-edge of popularity on the internet.

Also, in-line with that popularity, has the renown manifested itself into opportunities writing for tv/movies/etc.? Idk why but it’s always only seemed like a matter of time before I see you in movie credits for literally anything.