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I'd call it lazy sci fi because they explicitly try to ground the character ins cience but then they just... don't gollow through

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I feel like this neglects the main reason I myself use dating apps: there are just no other options. I'm in a university program that is overwhelmingly male, and the women in my social circle are all ina relationship already, or just not my type for whatever reason.

And it's not like I have a lot of opportunities to meet new people of the opposite sex either, even pre-covid. So how am I supposed to find a partner otherwise? I find the advice of "the right person will come when the time is right" rather disingenuous. I feel like the people who say this were simply very lucky, and I'm not in a position to have this kind of luck. So how else would you recommend I find a partner, if not by using dating apps?

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-the best suggestions I have are to make friends and then make friends with their friends. Get involved in hobbies online or in person (again, acknowledging that covid makes this harder!).

I agree with that on principle, but I think this is possibly much more exhausting and potentially emotionally draining. As it is, I am happy with who I am, what interests I have, what my hobbies are. So going out of my way just for the sake of meeting new people that might lead me to finding a relationship seems counterproductive to me. I barely have the time to attend to everything I want to do as it is.

I'm saying all this necause genuinely, I'd rather not use dating apps. They are so impersonnal and sterile that it's hard to get invested in someone this way. But I'm stuck in a situation where there few to no potential partners for me to meet.