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Hey Pete,

I live across the street from your parents. They are fantastic people and great neighbors. About a year and a half ago they gave me some cels from your student films at CalArts (which are incredible, by the way! I truly treasure them) a week before I left to study at the U of MN. Now I'm a sophomore and am pursuing a degree in fine arts. So I just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration and hard work--it has definitely affected my life.

I hope to meet you in the future. Ask your parents about that John kid across the street. :)

Thanks again, Pete.

edit: misspelled "cels"

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Thank you sir. I will certainly do that.

Man I'm star-struck.

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Jesus christ that video. Horrifying. I'm so sorry this happened to you and your schoolmates.

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I understand and respect that you have journalistic standards when it comes to allegations like the ones you reported on. Can you speak to what you look for when investigating the veracity of a claim?