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How common are false reports?

Asking cause I've had a mentally ill friend (no longer acquainted, she's in prison now) falsely report once and it stuck with me that it's within the realm of possibility. Still creeps in my mind when I hear someone accused in the media now.

I feel bad for those feelings, but that was an experience unique to me as I was heavily involved and it was downright traumatic for ME to have had to been so heavily involved in something that she later admitted was a lie. Especially since I am an actual survivor (that never talks about it).

Edit: Actually second question. I am a survivor that never talks about it or thinks about it. I basically just ignore it happened. Is that a common thing. Am I hurting myself at all? I don't even have to TRY to not think about it I just DON"T think about it. Or talk about it. It just happened and I went on.

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It sucks that anyone WOULD do that, but comforting to hear it's not too common. Thanks Ryan have a good day. Thanks for yalls work too.

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Can I get a refund on my Linden dollars please?