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ApocalypticK158 karma

I've personally got a story to tell, and it's one that makes me respect people like you even more. When I was younger, my mother had actually committed suicide. Being the only one in the house at the time, I was the one who inevitably found her and was forced to call 911. I remember to this date being hysteric, scared and I was running completely off of adrenaline: the man on the other side of the line asked me questions, my address, tried to talk to me, and did everything he could to help out my situation. I'll never remember to this date what that man said at the very end. "Stay Strong, Thomas. Stay Strong". He eventually hung up once he heard the police arriving. So I can personally say, thank you for everything you've done. People in that situation are in a dire situation, and being able to hear a voice of reason is incredible.