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Two reasons. We don't care who you are, what you are, or what you do as long as you are able to come into work and get things done without negatively effecting the work of others. Also, many people in food service have been in bad spots or have friends and family who have, so we're maybe more understanding.

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What's it like to be a self-proclaimed hipster?

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If they have a $65,000 ring, why the fuck would you use UPS? You could higher a more professional courier business (there are smaller operation that focus on high-worth packages and deliver world-wide). Why deliver through UPS where it has a large chance of being stolen, damaged, or something else?

Hell, why not just get on your private jet and personally deliver it?

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None. I'm afraid you will have to die happy.

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Imagine that you had a pet dog that also doubled as a popular mascot for your business. Someone you've never met came to your place of work and told you that you could no longer keep your dog because you kept it in a large dog run rather than giving it an acre of free area to run around in.

Now, a lot of people consider a large dog run to be enough for a dog. You're one of these people.

So, you have this dog you've known for sixteen years - you probably had a hand in raising it in some capacity. If not that, you've probably bonded to some degree (perhaps one-way). Now some guy you've never met comes to you and begins demanding that you give up your dog-mascot to a sanctuary you've never seen nor heard of.

Not only are you being asked to give up an important fixture of your life for over sixteen years, you're also giving up your companies mascot. You've invested thousands of dollars into it - building an enclosure, commissioning signs and advertisements, getting food and medical care, etc...

Sure, from the outside perspective giving up the bear so it can live with its own kind in a more open area is the right thing to do. However, from the inside it looks like some guy is just trying to be an ass hole to you and you don't understand why he's picking on you. Dogs are neglected all the time, whales and sharks are being fished to extinction, rape and murder of humans happens all around us. And here you are, trying to run your ice cream shop with this bear you've had for sixteen years and you're being told you're a monster for it.