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Def. Write a book. Find a good editor or someone to help write it. It’s a unique situation that also deconstructs and flips some cliches about similar situations or stories.

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Which member(s) of your team are doing this AMA? What are your roles? I ask because this AMA is headed for disaster. OP, please have real people answer specific, personal questions. Your org may be legit and doing good work, but you won't get a positive response by pasting a bunch of links and answering with platitudes.

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Yo, resident PCP with similar interests in the west coast, it sounds like you don’t need much assistance or guidance already, but feel free to shoot me any q’s regarding medical school and medicine. Keep it up! You’ll go far in medicine and help a lot of people with this background. The system certainly needs more people like you.

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Look at the other AMAs this guy posted. This is the third one. He’s been spamming this subreddit promoting his quackery of a YouTube channel el for subscribers and viewers. r/IAmA, are you going to continue to allow this sub to turn into spam?

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“An accurate medical and family history and answers to questions? Definitely.”

Since medical genetic tests are more and more affordable and far more reliable and accurate than a family/medical history, if the donor simply provided this or it was updated regularly but anonymously, what other obligations do they have? I just want to know why the emphasis on knowing everyone you’re genetically similar to. It just seems arbitrary and contributes to our conceived notions that those similar to us genetically are somehow more important than those that aren’t.