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What about the rest of us that were scammed?

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The tier I was in promised:

HANSEN VS PREDATOR CLUB: Behind the Scenes and First Access – BACKER ACCESS ONLY – Be the first to see the new investigation, enjoy VIP access to dailies, Chris Hansen behind the scenes and special content that won’t air in the actual series.

Still haven't seen shit.

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Guess I should explain. He sold the show to a network that put it behind a pay wall that none of us got access too. Giving free access to the people that actually paid to produce the show will never happen as he sold the rights to it.

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Was also scammed in that kick starter and still pissed about it.

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Ugh this! I also have a PTSD service dog and people are the worst. I had to scream at a lady in Target once whose "service dog" attacked mine. He just laid down and took it it was the saddest thing. He had to have about $8,000 in surgery and other vet care before he could even walk again. I'm still in the process of suing that bitch two years later.