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Replies like this are why I subscribed to r/IAmA. (Also, thank you for the free e-book!) I remember your post a couple of years ago & just skimmed it again -- great stuff. I'm incredibly happy for you that you get to hike & tell stories for a living now. ;)

Btw I'm just a day-hiker; my hubby's sectioning the AT. He's going for 2 weeks to Massachusetts next month! Best wishes & hope there are lots more books in your future.

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Having gone through the agonizing caregiving process with a parent for 5 years before her death, this is the most eloquent and accurate summary I've seen. I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs & warm thoughts from someone who's been a mile in similar moccasins.

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I do remember wanting to make a Fact-a-Day calendar, though.

Please do! Maybe I'm not the only one who loves tearing off one sheet a day & learning something new... ever since I won one many moons ago in a trivia contest against a radio DJ. (That was fun.)

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Sorry! Same name, LA, journalist, cool dude. Understandable, at least. Mea culpa.

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Are you the Sam Greenspan from 11Points?? Mercy, I have quoted you often. ;)