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ApertureScienc39 karma

Do you know that fractional reserve banking is how the banking system has worked for literally centuries? And do you know that switching to full-reserve banking would massively contract the money supply, instantly throwing us into depression?

ApertureScienc26 karma

Because massive international class action lawsuits are obviously the best way to stop global warming? Obviously.

ApertureScienc8 karma

Well, it depends on your definition of the entirely fictional thing called full reserve banking, which our would-be Congressman is apparently calling for.

ApertureScienc8 karma

In a fully privatized society, obviously you have to let 5-year-olds work. How else are they going to afford their kindergarten tuition?

ApertureScienc2 karma

Read the definition of fractional reserve banking on Wikipedia and please explain to me how it has anything at all to do with the national debt or the Fed's quantitative easing programs.