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About 4 years ago I started having severe leg pain. I was mis-diagnosed with sciatica and given pain killers (which i didn't/couldn't take). I went to a different doctor who actually ordered tests (xray/mri) and was told I needed surgery immediately. By this time, I could barely walk (had a cane and could only handle about 10 steps without needing a break). I went for a second opinion with a recommended surgeon who was absolutely phenomenal (both pre/post surgery) he agreed I needed immediate surgery. I was wheel-chaired into the hospital on a friday and walked out of the hospital later that night. I had a double laminectomy. I've since recovered 100% of the muscle loss since my leg atrophied and have been fine until a couple weeks ago. I'm starting to get the same symptoms that I had pre surgery (although not as severe yet). Is there anything that can be done to avoid having to go through the surgery again if what is going on now is a relapse?

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I toured with a couple bands. Last one i did in europe was with Sworn Enemy.

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Do you know Schlumf from Germany and Martin “X” from Poland? They were our drivers when touring was a thing.