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What is the most ethically dubious thing you've ever heard of anyone doing to someone under hypnosis?

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I'm sorry for the negativity you're getting. Whilst your chosen lifestyle is undoubtedly risky, and some would say selfish, I think it challenges an ingrained sense of order in society: work, save, retire, die. I think it makes people uncomfortable and irrationally angry. But why should we have to work our whole fucking lives and die after a few years of retirement, probably lived in poor health? Good on you, live your dream. You only get one go round. And maybe your kids won't benefit financially from your decisions now, but I'm sure they'll benefit from the message that life is for living and being happy, and they'll be much richer for that.

My question is, do you intend to stay in Asia indefinitely?

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Come onnnnn.... Let's hear the "stories", it's what we're here for!

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That's really interesting! Surely there's a point where the physical effects of alcohol can no longer be negated by the power of hypnotic persuasion?

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Wow, that is unbelievably dubious, and surely that doesn't work?!