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Thanks for joining us on reddit today.

My question: Have you been to Germany or Japan since the war? What were your thoughts?

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Thank you for your answer.

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This one really sealed the deal.

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Good day Seth, thanks for this really quick AMA.

I grew up watching your animated shows, but my all-time favorite has got to be the Blue Harvest trilogy. It made for some great Christmases to watch them with the extended family... I guess I'm just a die-hard Star Wars fan.

But now that you're making The Orville, I'm just curious as to why you opted to make Star Wars- themed Family Guy episodes, but not Star Trek ones. You seem to be a pretty big fan of both.

And as a bonus question, because I couldn't find any non-tabloid source online on the topic: did you really date Emilia Clarke?

Thanks, Mr. McFarlane. Thanks for the many years of laughter from your shows! Looking forward to this new one.

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Who did you vote for in the 2016 Presidential election?