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AnxiousBanshee9 karma

Is there anything you or your family might need? For the holidays? For a weekend? For shits and giggles?

AnxiousBanshee3 karma

Shoot, I don’t know what those last two are. I make the white cross, then solve each of the three layers and it still takes three minutes. I never even made it to F2L.

AnxiousBanshee2 karma

I never thought about printing out the algorithms. Wow. I actually feel kinda dumb.

AnxiousBanshee2 karma

Oh dang! I’ll keep practicing then!

AnxiousBanshee1 karma

Hey there! I’m no speed solver like you but got my time on the 3x3 down to less than 3 minutes which is almost a cool party trick. Almost. How are you at the 2x2 or the Void? I can’t get the 2x2 for the life of me but the Void is fun-ish.