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It's difficult.

It's very difficult. You never know. Sometimes it's very clear, you know what they want, and sometimes they are very smart and you don't realize actually what they were looking for is something that they think that you have because of the celebrity-thing, until very late, until it's too late sometimes. It's part of the price that you have to pay to be a professional in this world. And I am willing to pay it, you know? I shouldn't complain. In fact, I don't, you know, about anything that has happened in my life. I'm a very fortunate life, you look at the world today, it's so confused and so violent, and the situations that life has sent me, it's just the price that you have to pay, I just accept it. It makes you, you know, a little bit more observant of the people who approach you. It's not always comfortable. You have to analyze more than normal.

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I totally agree. Everybody knows that we are lovers now!

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We used The Extendables....

No, but yes, we did a lot of our own stunts. The actors always say that, but it's never the truth. But we SAY that.

I did more than Wesley!

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PUSS IN BOOTS. His eyes are the MOST IMPORTANT WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION in the whole world right now. With his eyes, he can defeat entire action heroes, anything!

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You didn't want to break a nail. Because I don't care about my nails, I did my own stunts.