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Weed also triples the likelihood that people who have a genetic propensity for schizophrenia will develop the disease. I’m not anti-weed, but I think some of the public health risks are being papered over.

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Exactly---you have to have the genetic propensity, weed won't give you that. But if you have the 'switch,' weed can turn it on. Here's one study:


(I can find more when I have some time. The study I read said that among people at genetic high risk for schizophrenia, weed users were three times more likely to "convert," or begin having psychotic symptoms. I follow this stuff carefully because my son is high risk.)

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My son’s birth father was the same way. Developed schizophrenia at age 26. Weed is good recreationally but I do not think it’s a very good psych med.

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Just to clarify: you are asking busy people, experts in their fields, to create content in the area of expertise they usually get paid for, but to do it for free so that you can make money? Good luck with that.

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My question is about viking ships. I’ve seen how skillfully the boards are overlapped on the hulls. But how are they waterproofed? I did not see any tar or pitch in the seams between boards. The North Atlantic seems like a bad place to spring a leak....