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I pay my mortgage with my normal 40-75 hr week salary as a Journeyman Millwright.

•I’m also a Pine tree farm owner,

•State Registered Shell egg producer. I sell eggs to my local grocery store,

I sell 3lb wheels of goat cheese to anyone who will buy


I recently bought a saw mill to supply my own lumber from trees on my property. I’ll probably start selling custom order lumber to people as well.

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The line is a bit blurry, isn’t it? In my experience a homestead is parcel of land meant to sustain a family, where the surplus is either preserved or sold. A farm has more land which is primarily used to sell agricultural products.

In my state, to legally qualify for an agricultural tax reduction on my land. I must have 10 acres of land classified as tillable land for crops or 10 acres of land classified as a pasture.

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It’s a mixed bag. I’ve had luck with 3 year sappling turnarounds. Selling to landscaping companies. Between the wind and deer, profits can go south fairly quick.

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Indentured servitude in exchange for the opportunity to immigrate to the United States from Essex England.

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Ihave a 15KW solar panel system that provides all my power year round, with a 20KwH battery back up. Certainly worth its weight in diamonds out here.

I deliberately don’t use debit, credit cards. No banking apps. I still send paper checks to pay my monthly bills. No cable tv. Neither my wife or I have a Facebook or instagram.