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You’ve mentioned that there is an association. My problem with that is, are these gut bacteria already a product of the SAD which, on its own, can very conclusively impact one’s mental health? How can you know what/where to link?

Also, the Mediterranean diet is pretty well-linked with a reduction in all-cause mortality rates, and informally is regarded as one of the healthiest diets out there, when balanced and implemented correctly. Based on that, why would you imply that the Mediterranean diet positively influenced gut bacteria which led to this positive result? Wouldn’t that be quite a large confounding issue that would be very difficult to control?

In most food/gut-based studies I’ve seen (many meta analyses, but primarily surveys) they don’t seem to control very well external confounding variables linked to diet i.e. suggesting an association between eating eggs and development of cancer, when it turns out that people who eat eggs are more likely to smoke, and people who are completely plant-based are more likely to be very health conscious, more active, etc. Those variables are incredibly hard to control and often just.. aren’t.

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Are you not 'treating' it by affirmative medical procedures/prescriptions such as hormones and hormone blockers and invasive surgeries? I don't think they were suggesting alternative treatments to cure dysphoria, just alternatives to affirmative treatments to accept and live with that dysphoria.

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Is this the experience I've felt after a seizure? Often after a really severe seizure, I forget who I am, where I am, what day it is, why I'm there.. the list goes on but I gradually recover, while it often takes approximately 24 hours to fully recover and be fully lucid.

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As you’ve mentioned you’ve bought a lot of land, how would you feel if you ever came across someone else living “off-grid” somewhere on your land?

I ask, as I’ve watched the Bald and Bankrupt YouTube channel quite often and he’s met a few people living similarly (not by choice) and there’s always camaraderie with strangers. I’m guessing off-grid Canadians would be very much the same!

Side question: any good fishing nearby?

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Yeah I've got Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, and you're right about me being in a postictal state instead, which is actually pretty reassuring. It's a similar state but for most it lasts up to 30 minutes, although I've experienced the amnesia up until I'm asleep for the day.