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We like to define it as behaviour that makes you feel upset, unsafe or uncomfortable and repetitive. And usually where there is a power imbalance. We see a lot of comments about that subtle and psychological behaviour, and indeed now we cover much more about microaggression, and emotional bullying.

Hear you on the issue being triggering, we try and track how many people take part in campaign but we do have lots of free stuff on our website www.antibullyingpro.com and on our youtube. Also recommend chatting or sounding out any friends, colleagues about whether they experienced , it always amazes me how many people have been affected, our stats show in Great Britain, half of adult were bullied at school. So you may find strength in fact others you know have also experienced it and can support you.

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Thank you! I love this question, yes so many, and actually on our youtube (link above) you will find some truly amazing stories.

I think one of them has to be a boy called Tom who was 16, he had moved schools due to bullying and was at a brand new school when we trained him as an anti bullying ambassador, (His job was to stand up instead of standing by and educate his peers). He was so open about his experience and the homophobic bullying he had experienced that his story made me realise, (yes a 16 year old, when I was like late twenties) made me realise how I needed to be braver and more open about my own sexuality. Really powerful moment, me sitting behind a camera listening to his story, and realising I had to be more visible and open.

The 2nd person, is an actor, called Will Poulter (google him) and he has become a friend, he even dressed up as Sid from Toy Story for us!

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This is the question!

Yeah when I was growing up, games were not interactive or connected and the internet still dial up, it is very hard to disconnect. We still know for children, that actually school remains more of an unsafe place compared to internet. e.g- 150 million across globe. Half of world’s teens experience peer violence in and around school – UNICEF. BUT it is often what happens at school, drama there, that continues as digital drama. It's why we think not enough time is focused on educating young people on their behaviour while they are at school because they continue this behaviour online, and children usually bullied online by a peer, a familiar face (granted this may be changing as more young people widen their online connections/networks and become influencers).

I work with a lot of the companies on their trust and safety councils and like the tools many are introducing to limit their time spent online but it's going to take a lot of future generations, training and parenting I think to change the pressures that online brings. It's why we are keen to use this campaign to encourage people to speak out and be aware of online bullying and the importance of reporting.

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Thanks, useful, and must get around to reading!

I really like the work Dr Amy Orben and Professor Andrew Przybylski do around online bullying, check out their work to try and balance over worrying about online vs offline

I have also contributed to this journal https://ibpaworld.org/journal/

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If you are referring to income/fundraising, in UK all charities have to publish their accounts, so you can see ours online via google/charity commission.

Also recommend looking at NCVO website, and Civil Society Media.