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Make coffee, check shot list, open Maya, model some upcoming creatures until May crashes, drink some more coffee, send the model to Zbrush and sculpt it until that crashes, drink some more coffee, paint the monster in Mari until that crashes, drink some coffee, get Petar to fix my broken renders, and then call it a day!

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Nothing is annoying when you're working in VFX!... Well, maybe some things are frustrating... Jack's powers, which we have dubbed "Wub-Wubs," take a fair amount of work. There's a lot of match moving the actors that get hit by the blast, fancy particle systems, and then there's the Nuke wizardry which is far over my head. But as tough as it can be, it does look pretty sweet and it feels good to see it in the episode!

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The forest troll was aaawwwweeesssooommme to work on. It's my largest scale creature to date. I got a lot of time to mess around sculpting and painting. Panthro (I guess he's a posseessed toy, not really a creature, but oh well) was also great fun.

Thank you for the compliments!

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Petar, 100%.

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Downvoted, don't give away my secrets bro.