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So if I don’t give permission for an ex, or someone i shared a night with once, to tell people the size of my endowment and I find out they did it anyway, that violates the definition of sexual assault or harassment? I don’t feel safe or comfortable with them disclosing that information.. and I certainly didn’t give them enthusiastic permission to that small detail about my life. Would you suggest I file a police report?

Another thing that happened was she told me she was on oral contraception, and that I didn’t need a condom. However, she told me right after she ran out a week ago, and doesn’t believe in plan b because it’s against her religion. Then she asked what I thought about marriage. What should I do?

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Living for your emotional highs and lows doesn’t seem to be evolutionarily advantageous. Especially when substance abuse is involved

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Cool thank u so much!! Appreciate the advice. Stay safe everyone <3