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Sorry, I forgot to tell a story to you!

This was before my time:

There was an offender being transported to the hospital at 1 AM because she had swallowed some floor-stripper. The officers took her to the nearest hospital but they were flooded with patients from a nearby church who had had a potluck dinner and gotten very nasty food-poisoning from it so the officers had to take her to another hospital. 1/2 and hour after they went to a different hospital a man strides in and asks which room the offender was in. The nurse thought it was suspicious and called some sheriff's deputies who came to question him. They searched his car and found a loaded shotgun in it with a lot of shells. He confessed that he was planning on breaking her out of the hospital and killing anyone in his way with the shotgun if need be. She had wrote him a letter telling him that she was going to be at the hospital at this date and time by swallowing some floor stripper and he agreed to come and get her.

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I'm sure subconsciously I have but I think I've gotten to the point when I can be objective in nearly every situation.

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It happens, but if you're thinking it's a giant lesbian orgy like in Orange is the New Black then you're going to be disappointed.

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I've managed to disconnect those kinds of feelings while I'm on the job. But to answer your questions, there are a few very attractive offenders.

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Back in 03 (I believe) we adopted a new mantra, "A Healing Environment" is what we called our organization. We stopped allowing offenders to just sit in their cells all day (unless they were in isolation or segregation) and they are required to do some form of work, whether that be in the tailor shop or earning their GEDs. Warren Buffet's sister gave all prisons in our state a huge monetary donation to pay for offenders to get their business degrees and that has been a great thing. The archaic way of thinking is "lock 'em up and throw away the key" or believe that prison should be about punishment instead of doing meaningful things. Those two lines of thinking simply do not work. Once we started giving people a purpose, our recidivism rates as well as instances of violence within the prison walls plummeted within 5 years. As mentioned before, we started to offer GED classes as well as business degree classes. In addition to those two things we have programs for the offenders to earn their cosmetology licenses (and they do a great job too. I can get a 20$ haircut for 5$ from them. Female staff can get their hair highlighted/dyed, cut, or bleached for $20 instead of $100+ they would pay on the outside), wood shop, HVAC certifications, making glasses, etc. We used to let them sit in their cell all day and when it was time to leave we gave them $25 and a bus ticket to anywhere in the state, pushed them out the door and said "Good luck!". They had no skills to earn money to feed themselves so they'd commit a crime and end up back in prison. An interesting tidbit is that we have two offenders with 9 murders between them that make braille books for blind students in my state and they are the hardest workers. They feel good about themselves because even though they know they are never going to get out, they know that they have a purpose and are doing some good in the world despite their past.