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How is your pain level? Aren't those drains just the yuckiest things ever? Are you as obsessed with Zofran as I was? (Seriously love that drug, I find reasons to get an Rx for it now).

While I didn't have a chemo option for the cancer I had (malignant phyllodes), I did undergo the mastectomy/tissue expansion and several surgeries.

I will tell you that a year and a half later, I find shivering to be quite uncomfortable! It's a very strange sensation in the pectoral sheath to shiver with an implant under there, I don't know, maybe you'll experience that too. Thought I'd warn you! Bundle up!

Anyway, cheers to you, and I'm glad you're doing this AMA. It's great to put a face to breast cancer (and a beautiful one like yours I might add) and I think it's great to talk about it. Everyone, get those boobs checked!