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I'm proud to not be able to see slightly into the future!

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Hi Penn! Big fan. Blahblahblah.

How come you've never had a beer? Are you curious about it?

Hope you're well!

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What kind of characteristics were they looking for?

Do you have near perfect marks/health and traits the people who paid are looking for?

Do you know what will happen to the eggs that won't be used for fertilization? What if they make 20 kids? That might be kinda weird.

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Drop the fist-clenching "everyone is a phony" trope.

Was Occupy a response to anything that was wrong with society or was it just morons dicking around.

I think bank bailouts fucking suck. I can understand Occupy in that light, even though I think it was largely in the wrong direction.

You're an artist and communicator. Be fucking specific.

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Many of your fans have read these and now incorrectly believe that their wages are lower because of women entering the workforce.

I can understand that doubling the labour force wouldn’t halve the value of that labour, but it does have an effect that pushes down wages.

Maybe my understanding isn’t as good as yours, but if you increase the supply of something you reduce its cost.