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What are the best flowers to get that are still safe for cats?

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My cats are really good with flowers, but like any animals, they'll eat them sometimes. I was wondering what the prettiest non cat poisonous plant is.

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What kind of techniques do you use to help adults who are shy? That’s always been an issue for me that I’ve just started getting over in the past few years and I’m curious as to how you help others.

Regarding other Social Psychology research – I’ve heard that the Bystander Effect has been tested mainly on western cultures. Could it be that this is something that affects individualistic cultures more so than collectivist ones?

Regarding Personality (since it tends to get grouped with Social) – What do you think of the idea of the Dark Triad and that Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy all tend to occur together? What do you think of Sadism being added to the mix to make the Dark Tetrad?

Finally, my advisor says you love being asked “Why are people evil?” so since he can’t be here, I figured I’d ask for him: Why are people evil?

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That's really interesting because that's essentially what I've been doing. I just started socializing a bit more every week or so, spending a bit more time with my friends from class instead of running back to my "cave" as I call it.

Thank you both so much for replying to me - I've read about you in all of my classes and I was so excited when I saw you were doing an AMA.

I just finished finals and this is a great way to end the semester, so thank you!