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What are your thoughts/opinions on the current Registered Sex Offender laws? Specifically, do you think it is broken and if you could recommend or make changes what, if anything, would they be?

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No questions, I just wanted to say congrats and good luck! My dad had a BMT Nov 15, 2011, there was no match for him on the registry, but he was lucky to have a cord blood match. My family became active in the registry process soon after we found out he was in need of a transplant. My boyfriend has been a match for two young kids with Leukemia, but he has not had the chance to donate for either yet. Thanks for doing the AMA and spreading the word about the registry :) ETA: BMT was 2011 not 2012 - time flies, geesh!

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He is awesome. Now allergic to fish and cashews (much to his dismay) and still has his lactose intolerance. 1 year post transplant he was off all transplant related medications. About 18 months post transplant he got shingles and due to complications with that he is on two medications for the rest of his life. Otherwise he is healthy, happy, and he and my mom have retired and now travel the country in a motor home.

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Yep, he had no allergies before hand and after he had those 2. There could be more, he just doesn't know it yet. They are terrible! I thought it was just unbearable itching, but he was having muscle spasms and a LOT of pain (still does) he is on an anti seizure medication now. I hope you didn't have any lasting effects from it! http://rvfootloose.us/journal.html - that is their public blog, if you're interested.