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When do you expect to be caught up enough to have stuff on the shelves longer than 10 minutes?

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Is there a reason she didn't come along? I would have loved her take on the call center craziness.

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I disagree. The rep in Hawaii is a RINO, Paul Ryan is what most young Republicans aspires too.

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Could I ask a non-healthcare question?

You mentioned the local joke that Trump doesn't know what's in the bill, and it brought up a question.

How do D.C. Reporters feel about Trump, the man? Is he the buffoon that everyone says? I live states away and will never meet him. I'd like an opinion of someone who actually has met him and/or his team. I'm wondering if the jokes are just exaggerations or is he really clueless? I mean it can't be that bad, right?

Also, I'm getting very worried that the press is being taken for granted. Vaya Con Dias. You have my support.

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I’m watching the documentary now and I’m disgusted.

My question is are these men redeemable?