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Hi Paul, thanks for doing an AMA!
Do you have any tips on how a writer can get an agent?
I'm not a writer myself, but have a friend who is. After she sent a chapter to her preferred agent, the agent requested her full manuscript (which I'm told is a very good sign!). Sadly though, she has not heard anything back after many months. Are writers meant to follow up, or wait patiently until an agent responds? Thanks.

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Appreciate your insightful reply! Will send her a link your comment.

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In the British Library's Arctic collection, are there hand written journals from early explorers?

Also, what has been your best experience so far of being a writer-in-residence at the library? Thanks.

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I enjoyed watching the film Wild, about a woman hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, with one of the outcomes being spiritual fulfilment. Is the Appalachian Trail a similar experience?