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I really didn't have a choice. It was either trust him or bleed/freeze to death. I'm glad he was the one to pick me up. I spoke with him recently and he is still a dear, sweet person. He told me "we're family now".

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I was walking my friend home after my birthday party, when he approached us and asked us to come see his puppies. There were no puppies, but it was too late then

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No. He said shooting us was like shoot deer.

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He shot us and left us in a snowy canyon outside of Boulder. I was handcuffed to my friend, who didn't make it. I had to free myself from my friend and climb up the side of the mountain. Then I flagged down a car and the man took me to Gold Hill where there were volunteer fireman that gave me first aid and called police.

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Yes it was. I know in Boulder many things changed due to what happened to me. That is one of the good things. People used to put paper "hands" in their windows to let kids know it was a safe place.