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Previous attempts at cancer vaccines have unfortunately failed. Our approach is a very different technology platform that has been in development for two decades at the Cleveland Clinic. We are using a new mechanism of action that has come from a greater understanding of how the immune system works, and the many successful vaccines that have been developed for infectious diseases. Yesterday, I held a conference call discussing this vaccine, the data, and its future potential. The call included participation from key opinion leaders who are among the world’s experts on breast cancer. A recording is available on our website, and I encourage any interested people to listen to the call.

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Our industry saves lives. The politicization of the Covid vaccines and government mandates was unfortunate. That period of time was very anomalous. As we move forward, people will realize that every drug, every vaccine, etc. prescribed by a doctor comes from our industry. And most new innovations come from small companies like Anixa, who partner with larger pharma companies to commercialize. That is our plan. Also, I want to say that our vaccine is a cancer vaccine, not a vaccine for an infectious communicable disease. Government mandates are used for infectious diseases. People don’t get breast cancer by sitting next to or hugging someone who has cancer. So mandates will not be used here. That being said, once this vaccine is approved, I hope people are smart enough to take advantage of it, because cancer is a terrible disease for the patient and the patient’s family. 

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alpha-lactalbumin is a protein that only exists in the breast and only when a woman has given birth and is lactating. But it also appears in breast cancer cells, especially in triple negative breast cancer, and we believe in other breast cancers. Our vaccine teaches a woman’s immune system to kill cells making the protein, which will only be cancer cells as long as a woman is not lactating after giving birth.

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I am not able to signal any future trading in Anixa by insiders, but I can comment on the past. I and other insiders including board members have spent millions of dollars to purchase Anixa stock on the open market. Obviously, that signals a strong bullish belief in our company. Personally, I rarely buy stock of companies unless insiders do as well. That being said, there are very limited windows when insiders can trade the stock due to many factors including knowledge of material, non-public information.

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We believe this protein is found most breast cancer cells. TNBC has been studied in greater detail than other types of breast cancer.