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I'm glad the pictures of cookies worked for u/Petar_BG. ;) So, thanks guys a bunch for doing this.

So, my first question is what is the process of doing the shadows of wings of angels? (i.e., Castiel in Lazarus Rising and more recently Michael at the end of season 13) I have very little idea of how VFX works so I am curious of what is actually done.

My second question is on the program Maya. I showed one of my art friends u/AnsleyCG video on the Archangel Blade and she basically shouted "I HATE MAYA!" So my question is using Maya really that frustrating? :)

Animalion2 karma

I'm studying to be a conservationist/zoologist so I really appreciate the awesome work you are doing. I was wondering if you have to take into account the nine different giraffe subspecies when matching a donor and recipient? Or is the difference in the subspecies inconsequential in regards to plasma?