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Animal_Mothers_Balls130 karma

Man. I love driving/road-tripping/traveling. Thank you so much for introducing me to this rally and I genuinely want to do it now.

What items did you find essential for your trip? And what items did you realise afterwards that you should have taken?

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yeah, that's what I read on the website.

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One of my dad's best friends has been agoraphobic for years, since divorcing his wife and suffering mental trauma and depression from his job as an ambulance paramedic. He is now getting out a lot more, really getting into adventuring. He goes 4WD'ing, kayaking, camping now. There's still hope for returning to a normal life!

Animal_Mothers_Balls3 karma

  • How did you go about gaining sponsorship?
  • Did you find having second languages helped a lot? Or can you get by just as easily with just phrasebooks?