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Thanks for doing this AMA. You still close with the Blue Scholars? (Geo and Sabzi)

Also, will you and Ryan Lewis be doing any more Soundsets in the future?

edit. Thanks for answering my question!

For people that don't know about the Blue Scholars, they are another Seattle based Hip Hop group with Geo (Rapper) and Sabzi (Producer). Macklemore used to tour with them back in the day, and would be THEIR opening act.

You probably recognized Sabzi's name since he remixed a few of Macklemore's songs. They also have a few songs together from the mid 2000s. Good stuff, if you enjoy NorthWest Hip Hop, check them out!

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Which countries' education system do you believe the U.S. should be following "ideally"?

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Hey man, no real question.

My dad had a heart attack 2 days before thanksgiving and my birthday, and tonight I'm spending Christmas Eve in the hospital with him where he is still recovering from a quadruple by-pass surgery. Shit is scary, and I've been hanging out in the ICU for the last month after work while my mom literally sleeps there every night by his side. Shit is scary but I just want to wish you the best of luck on your recover and everything in the future.