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Hey Charlie! Thanks for doing this.

Q1: How do you feel about Steve from the Motor City Muckraker?

Q2: Do you feel that the historically racist feelings/assumptions (specific to the metro region) are becoming more or less prevalent? In what way?

Q3: Firefighter Walter Harris was killed during an arson but was NOT rescued promptly because his pass alarm wasn't working. Today, fewer pass alarms are working. Michigan's strong workers comp. laws barred recovery based on negligence so what do you think would have to happen for the state or anyone to act with the slightest bit of urgency to tackle this problem?

Q4: Ilitch is the BIG winner in the new hockey rink. Olympia has no obligation to do ANYTHING the surrounding community has requested e.g. extra security during off seasons. What actions could counsel take to buttress the authority of the affected residents?

Q5: Professor Peter Hammer has been the loudest voice of opposition to the Detroit Future City Plan. Have you reviewed it and what are your thoughts?

Q6: Even Thomas Sugrue has opined that Detroit's REAL problem is extreme poverty and a lack of low-skilled, high-paying jobs. What actions could the state reasonably take to address this issue? (NOT including the bullshit 'job development' rhetoric Snyder touts)

Q7: Do you think the newly formed 'Blight Task Force' (chaired by Dan Gilbert and his buddies) is simply a way to spend the $150million federal funds for rich land owners and speculators to clear areas of the city they deem 'salvageable'?

Q8: Without the 'support' of the business community, how could a person be elected Mayor of Detroit? What would the campaign strategy entail?

Q9: Why has no media organization (that I know of) reported that the philanthropic foundations boards, which are 'pouring money into Detroit', are almost ENTIRELY comprised of bankers and for-profit entities?

Q10: Where do you see Detroit in 25 years if the rate of privatization continues or increases?

Q11: Given that the Detroit Police Department STILL has only 2 functional car cameras (under DOJ agreement, DPD 'can't' operate ANY car without functioning equipment), do you think that the DOJ will lift the various mandates because of the 'tough on crime' stance the newest chief has adopted?

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You were in for how long?

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Thanks for answering them ALL!!!

Other IAMA folks should take a note.

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We are Americans. We don't need jail for that.