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Because the surgery doesn’t always have great outcomes. Anecdotally the two people I know who’ve had it regret it. If your spondy pain is a 3-4 normally and that’s also what you’d experience from the surgery itself, why would you bother? That’s why it’s normally recommended only in more severe cases. Not to mention the brutal recovery and potential need for further fusion down the line.

I’ve had spondy for two years and consider surgery every day. It’s a tough question, but the conservative approaches should obviously be exhausted first

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Do you think surgical outcomes for fusion will improve? Or will we see any alternative methods any time in the near future?

For context I'm a 25yo male with spondy. I've been avoiding surgery for two years but the pain permeates every aspect of my life and I'm wondering if I can hold off for 5-10 more years, will I see better outcomes