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AngloKiwi4 karma

Try a weed sprayer and petrol. Fucking massive flames, loads of black smoke and quite good range depending how much you pump it up.

Plus it kills the weeds better than weedkiller .

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How the hell do they get around facebooks banning of anything that could maybe, possibaly, be sex?

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Ever watch the TV series "standoff"? What are your views on it if you did.

AngloKiwi1 karma

Didn't the chinese recently use one on a massive wasp nest?

AngloKiwi1 karma

Were you serving at the time of the London riots? How do you think the police force delt with that, and what do you think they could do better next time?

During the Riots I saw footage of what appeared to be some sort of armoured cars being used, any idea what they were?

Recently it was announced that The Met was getting an extra 600 armed officers, do you think this is needed or is it just taking 600 officers off the streets?

How likley do you think it is for the UK to be hit by a major terroist attack?

What are your views of the growing Black Lives Matter movement in the UK?