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It was reported that you're joining the final season of 13 Reasons Why, despite all the controversy the show has had what made you decide to join the show?

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I'm a student currently attending a public high school in Washington state near Clearwater and I've about this school from my Pre AP English teacher who's daughter attends and when she told our class during a Socratic seminar about ClearWater and pretty much everyone in my class was pretty shocked to hear about it and as I was surprised to see this ama on here I'd like to know :

  • Do you guys get like this "feel" so to say where you know who's like the top of the class (f.e popular kids) and who's at the bottom (f.e super un popular kids), for in a public high school and about two weeks in the school year, you could tell who the popular people are and the not popular people by their interests such as really sporty kids are popular while kids who like to talk about video games all the time and look super nerdy are un popular and clicks started to form based off those as well, so does a school like ClearWater have anything like that or is there no isolation at all?

  • I remember in the seminar where someone mentioned "wouldn't kids like that be isolated out of society?" for in our seminar we were talking about at one point, how this "popular kids" and "unpopular kids" system can be based off society I mean look you have your rich people who everyone knows and the people who are isolated and names you don't even know and yet a school like ClearWater does not follow this type of system and breaks that norm how do you feel about this?

  • Although you guys might not have a "popular student system" type thing I remember my English teacher telling us you guys had like a Judicial System for punishing students if needed and vote on things that the school decide on but do you guys have an ASB or Student Council so to say (like positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer) and if so how limited is it? For the Student Council we have in our school is highly restrictive in my opinion for the Student Council can't do something big like, planning to reconstruct our soccer field so to say, or punishing a student, but can only do things like, planning themes for prom, or starting a fundraiser event, and organizing assemblies.

  • Out of curiosity what have you learned the most in ClearWater, like what is your favorite subject and what is your best subject and are there any life lessons that you learned in ClearWater as well?

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Lol I'm not curious as at all cause I already do know about it (I'm a Korean)

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Don't forget the pride that S.Koreans have too

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With that response what do you think of the over saturation of film 'reviewers' growing more than actual film 'critics'?

Whenever you hear short tv spots for films released in theaters they always say "Critics are calling (insert movie title here)...." but when you actually read the 'critique' it's more of a review than an actual analysis and critique.