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My vision for the American Scorecard is a topline measurement that then includes 8 - 12 submeasures that include:


Health and Life Expectancy

Mental Health

Substance Abuse and Deaths of Despair

Childhood Success Rates

Average Income and Affordability

Environmental Quality

Retirement Savings

Labor Force Participation and Engagement



It would take some getting used to for Americans but a lot of it is establishing baselines and then directionality and improvement. Most Americans don't realize that our GDP is up to $20 trillion+, they just have a sense of whether it's getting better or worse. The same would be true of the Scorecard. A lot of it is channeling energy toward moving us in the right directions.

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Traditionally, residential real estate is exempted from it. Commercial real estate is also exempt if long-term. I like to follow what other countries have done successfully when appropriate.

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Ah, it's the primary. Throwing energy behind me will only help. I'm one of only 2 candidates in the field that 10% or more of Trump voters say they would support in the general which gives me a better chance to beat Trump in the general than just about any other candidate, and I'm beating him in head-to-head matchups by 8 points in swing states. If you're looking to ensure Trump's defeat I'm the best bet or one of the best bets.

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Visited Yosemite and was blown away. Need to protect and preserve National Parks and public lands. It's one of the only things that we can promise our young people we've handed to them in the right way.

I would expand the US Forest Service because we need to do a much better job tending our forests in the era of climate change so they don't become tinder boxes. Not quite your question but related.

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Tied to CPI annually. :) .