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What are your suggestions on getting passed something like depersonalization? I feel like it occurs subconsciously and I have no control over when it comes and goes . It's a very different feeling from depression. Do you personally think meditation would help me? Because during these episodes I am not myself. I usually have to sleep and hope it goes away... I don't know where else to go for such answers .. I've seen many psychologists and none of them seem to know exactly what I'm going through. They usually say It's depression and switch medications .... Prozac to Zoloft... Zoloft To celexa... Celexa to Lexapro.. These medications help my levels so I'm not depressed but they don't take the depersonalization episodes. I've come to the point where I just accept it and deal with them on my own, but it's extremely exhausting trying to get myself out of a different world every few weeks. I am willing to try any suggestions you can give me. With all that being said ( and hopefully read), is there any advice on How to go about my condition?

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I've been experiencing waves of depersonalization and intense depression. It comes and goes every few months. It's been a reoccurring disorder since childhood. My medication makes my depression less severe but I find myself stuck in episodes where I become sociopathic and irritable. Most of the time I feel normal until I experience the depersonalization. I completely lose my personality because I'm scared I'm losing my mind. Have you had any experience in treating someone with these symptoms ?