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to here all Jews are white and powerful and rich and therefore just cannot be victims.... it's a common progressive view of Jews

She didn’t say that at all. She was talking about AIPAC. She literally tweeted “AIPAC”

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In Dec. of last year, during his now infamous interview CNN called out elBaradei because he had demanded Morsi go on TV & engage in national talks w/ opposition. Morsi did that the very next day only to have Baradei reject it because, as he claimed, Morsi wasn't serious.

But Morsi held the meeting anyway on Dec. 9 2012, and 54 leaders from the opposition showed up (sans elBaradei). Morsi began the meeting by telling all 54 attendees that he would leave the room, allow VP Ahmed Mekki to chair the meeting, & agree to whatever the group decided.

Morsi seems more reasonable than you give him credit for.

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I'm guessing like most he'd say live and let live.

Let's see what the world considers is worse threat, Pakistan or USA?

HUFFINGTON POST: Womp! This Country Was Named The Greatest Threat To World Peace

There’s really no way to sugarcoat it: The rest of world believes that the United States is the country that poses the greatest threat to world peace, beating out all challengers by a wide margin....

This is the conclusion of a massive world opinion poll conducted by Win/Gallup International and released at the close of 2013. The poll, which was first conducted in 1977, asked over 66,000 thousand people across 65 countries this year a variety of questions about the world, including which country they would most like to call home, whether or not the world is becoming a generally better place and which country poses the greatest threat to world peace.

The U.S. was voted the biggest threat by far, garnering 24 percent of the vote. Pakistan was a very distant second with 8 percent, followed by China (6 percent) and Afghanistan (5 percent).

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And Trump can't wrap manage to get his small hands to pull a rifle trigger.

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Too late for questions but I admire your work here. Notice your critics have no problem with genocide/torture itself - they just want to distract from China’s atrocities by focusing on your translation work, as if you tortured people by translating for them.

It’s such a transparent CCP styled defense, they’re so barbaric they think Guatanamo is actually a defense for their own God damned genocide and ethnic cleansing.