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Excitement (whether from attempting to fly or have sex) was always the thing I had the most trouble overcoming when I was trying to lucid dream. I found spinning in a circle or rubbing my hands together would sort of keep me connected to the dream and feel grounded. Are there any other ways you know of to stop that feeling of slipping out of the dream?

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It could be because in another comment he talked about being through a few rounds of chemo already and now wants to try alternatives like seeing a real shaman.

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As the other person said podcasts are great. "My Brother, My Brother, and Me" is one of the best.

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I used to have lucid dreams every night or two when I was younger. I would do dream checks during the day by looking at the palm-side of my hands (the side you don’t see as often), and counting my fingers slowly. The reason they said to check the palm-side of your hands is something along the lines of it being more specific, and making you more likely to question what you’re seeing. In a dream, everything just kinda makes sense. See someone turn into someone else? Nothing weird there. See someone you know is dead? Obviously, they’re alive, you’re talking to them. You see the backs of your hands all the time, but don’t often go out of your way to check the palms.

You can also check a clock or a mirror to see if they are working correctly. For some reason your brain is not very good at recreating them accurately. You may look at the clock and see no hands on it, or too many hands, or the hands stretching off into infinity, or the numbers are strange. If you do enough checks while you’re awake (looking at a clock and counting all the numbers and making sure they’re in the right positions for example), it’ll help you recognize that something’s not right in the dream.

Hope that helps.

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Why are you guys so secretive? People just wanna know what you’re doing. Why the rings?

Edit: I can’t reply cause comments are locked, but thanks for getting the joke.