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Your question is like asking an auto mechanic "Alright, so how do cars work?"

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In your time filming with Mark Sargent, did he ever get confronted by any "globe-earthers" about his beliefs? How did he respond? Is his charismatic, likeable personality just a persona or was he like that off-camera too?

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Have you ever heard of Fenn's gold ( r/findingfennsgold )? I feel like it's the ultimate nature scavenger hunt.

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Oh it's not. I'm kind of interested in it but it doesn't make a lot of sense and I think that it could definitely apply to multiple locations which in my eyes is the sign of a bad puzzle, if it can definitely apply to more than one location then it's more about grunt work and going out to look than actually solving it. Honestly I'm more interested in it for the theory crafting and crazy solves people come up with than actually finding the thing. And yeah, people dying in the woods out searching for some mythical treasure isn't too good.

That would be awesome!

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