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why does dark matter produce flashes of light?

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thanks for the explanation. if dark matter makes up a large part of our universe, why is it so hard to detect?

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so, were the women nice or not?

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i have no idea about casinos, but how can the house profit from poker? Isn't it just the players who get money?

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Thanks for doing this ama!

I recently was at an event where the mayor of hamburg talked to the public and he had "personenschutz" (bodyguards, but from the state police i think). One of the officers was a really hot woman, which got me thinking, because she had brown hair and usually all the female officers i see have blonde hair.

Is there an overrepresentation of blondes in our police force and why are there so many hot women ?

Additonally, i have personally only had good experiences with the police, they were always nice and calm, but then i'm not a criminal. I've seen some people get arrested though and some officers were a little overzealous. It was nothing serious, but rather rude and short-tempered and it seemed to me that the officer let off some steam on the guys. I realize the pressure and stress you are under, but what i found a little sad was that none of the other officers who were calm took him to the side and told the angry officer to cool down a bit.

Was that because you dont question each other's authority in front of the public, or do they just forget about what happened?

Also, i read that in 2010 we had only 814 murders in germany. how far do you estimate the "dunkelziffer"? (the non-official number)

Do you prefer the green or the blue uniform? i think the blue one looks far better and modern but i have heard that not everyone likes it.

How pimped are police cars? i heard they have better turn radius etc, but is the engine pimped as well? i imagine we dont need to do that much pimping because we use bmw or audi cars, instead of crappy fords in america, but some engine power probably never hurts.

Thank you for your time!