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It does appear to be another scam to make a buck off people's fears.

The answers he is giving are vague at best. For having a team of engineers, developers, PhD scientists and MDs, you'd think they could've sent someone to accept and answer questions who knows a little bit about anything about the finer details of this concept.

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How come you leave out the fact that the company you "partner" with is... also your company? That kind of matters, and you leaving that out also says a lot about you and your tactics.

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hence minimizing if not completely avoiding ozone generation

I believe the fact that you aren't even sure yourself is what is causing the concern with everyone here.

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That's an awful lot of "trust" you have.

In the real world, the motto is "trust, but verify". Have you done any kind of verification?

So far I see you making a lot of dubious environmental claims and when asked about the details, you "trust" that on the other end things are taken care of.

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You're not going to "spot" anything amiss unless you check it out in person.

You're out here trying to start a business. In the real world, not the classroom. You're incredibly naive if you just trust everything anyone ever tells you without ever checking up on it. Please learn this asap, it will benefit you in life.