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Suzuki-san, do you still practice martial arts? What made you choose jujitsu as the Hazuki marital art?

Thanks for making my favourite video game series :)

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First, thank you for making my two favourite video games of all time, Shenmue I & II. I teared up with joy upon hearing about Shenmue III and backed the project within seconds :) Shenmue was the reason I got a Dreamcast and into gaming.

My question regards the FREE Battle and QTEs and how they work with the new Fighting Scrolls. Like many others, I loved the FREE Battle system for the first two but saw in your blog post that it is a stretch goal? Slightly confused, would just like some clarification.

Speaking of fighting, do you still practice martial arts? If so, which ones? Along with The Matrix it was Shenmue that introduced me to jujitsu.

Also curious, how often have you played the old games yourself over the past few years? I revisit them every couple of years myself, was just about to replay them when I heard about Shenmue III, will leave playthrough closer to its release ;)

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Big fan of Downloaded, looking forward to a UK release of Deep Web, any plans currently? :) Cool to hear you're a fan of Citizenfour, that's definitely my pick for best documentary of 2014. With Deep Web it seems like you're covering the issue of online privacy and government surveillance from the angle of the Deep Web/TOR/Silk Road, which I'm excited about, but was Snowden ever a topic you considered making a documentary on before Citizenfour?