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I have an Master of Public Administration degree and have taken a number of courses, but experience is the best teacher, I've found. No age limit.

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Thanks. We have faced some challenges but by planning the size of our airlifts, working closely with local governments, and only bringing in critical supplies, we have been able to avoid most of the problems that some organizations have reported.

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In terms of our long-term recovery focus, we usually focus on restoring health care services, often by rebuilding health care facilities; addressing long-term health needs, including mental health and psychosocial issues; and helping build the preparedness of resilience and preparedness of health care institutions and communities. In terms of coordination, the UN Cluster system is designed to help ensure that the efforts of international NGOs, the national government, and multilaterals are all coordinated and aligned. Our team members regularly participate in Health cluster meetings, which are jointly chaired by the Nepal Ministry of Health and Population and the World Health Organization.

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Yes, people are extremely appreciative, both at home and abroad. Sometimes I am surprised that people find time to be thankful even when dealing with terrible crisis.

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Happy cake day! There are lot of different ways to get into the field. I started working on domestic disaster recovery after I received my MPA, and then eventually branched out into international response and recovery. Many of my colleagues started as volunteers for humanitarian response organizations. Some roles require very specialized medical or public health education and experience. If this is your passion, I would start volunteering and learn more about what the job is really like. Good luck!