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AmblonyxCinerea8 karma

Man that is such a great lesson to learn!

"Even if an experience doesn't go well, I can still use it to maybe avoid some of the pebbles next time."

That really connects with me, and it's such a good quote to learn from...those pebbles are other people's boulders, just take it one rock at a time! Learn from it, and apply that knowledge next time you experience a similar obstacle. Just keep on going!

AmblonyxCinerea3 karma

I honestly have met the most genuine and authentic people who are autistic in a collegiate environment, and I'm still in awe of how they (generic reference) just like......got it, if that makes sense? I still try and say hello everyday and ngl slightly in awe of their work.

That being said, how has your experiences in the workplace/scholastic environment influenced you?

My mother is also an elementary school teacher and I'm sure she'd love an insight for students' future

Be well!