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Great response! Thanks.

A term you used that I agree wholeheartedly with: selling is a result of solving problems.

It may be a big push to find businesses/muni's with video infrastructure that think of "maybe a gunman someday" is a problem that's theirs to solve. I imagine them weighing the "maybe" against the "ai is watching us" bad feelings and you rarely getting a win.

What does the product/service give to the customer daily? What will remind them they bought something that does a useful/profitable/dopamining thing?

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Love your idea and your story op. This could definitely be a great tool!

Real networks has been making great inroads into shape recognition. Very few people know or care because it's all for closed security systems for private enterprises. Many, if not most security systems are not cloud integrated.

It seems like your major hurdles in the USA will be acquiring cooperation and trust.

How do you forsee new integrations happening? How will you gain trust?