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AmayaPapaya9 karma

Hello Robert I have quite a few questions I'd like to see you answer! I understand if can't answer them all, but please answer as much as you can. If you can only answer one, go to nine, please. Thank you :)

1) I was wondering, where do you think the line is between government intervention and privatization? In other words, when should we regulate and when should we just leave something be?

2) How viable is Bernie Sanders' plan on funding public university/college tuition through a tax on Wall Street speculation? For that matter, do you think it is better than his competitors, or do they have the edge?

3) I go to school at UC Irvine, what are the chances of you ever teaching there? I still have one more year after this one! I would like to attend one of your classes.

4) My sister is an economics major who argues that, while the environment is important, she feels that current regulations are just too demanding on businesses (she cites an example where a hospital had to wait for a full 3 years before it could open due to this). What is your take on this?

5) My uncle owns a business where he refurbishes furniture for large corporations-he has a big contract with Boeing and often works in Hollywood-and sells off appliances they do not want any more. He pays his employees $12 an hour. Would someone like him benefit from an increase in the minimum wage to $15? If so, how?

6) What important industries in the US shouldn't exist anymore and have easy ways of being replaced? Maybe something like coal and private health insurance?

7) Wealth and income inequality is a big deal, as we all know. What would be the ideal distribution for the best economy?

8) From various documentaries that I have watched, I've learned we spend too much money subsidizing junk foods. Why have I never seen a plan from anybody that shifts the subsidizing from there to farm raised meats (not factory farmed) or vegetables so poorer families have a better chance at eating healthy? Is it not a good plan? I think access to healthy food is a basic right for all people.

9) Let's say we live in a really near future where a non-Republican does get elected and does manage to make all public universities/colleges tuition free. What does that mean for my whole generation that already has HUGE sums of debt? We would be the only generation that has acquired a massive debt for something that has been relatively cheap or free for everyone else. Is there a plan for us?

10) Does anyone ever call you Bob?

AmayaPapaya0 karma

Haha. You would think so but she hates all Republicans and is actually planning on voting for Bernie Sanders. Being an Economics major though, a lot of the opinions she does hear are from very smart, but, ultimately, republican professors and students. She was convinced on this issue in particular but disagrees with most.